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Cooking and Farm Classes at Hillside Homestead in Suttons Bay, Michigan

I’m  long-time provider historic cooking classes, historic cooking demos, talks at museum sites, staff training. I offer some classes as scheduled below and I’m also available to schedule classes for private groups.

To sign up for a class or for more information please send me an email, Thanks, Susan Odom

Classes at Hillside Homestead

Basic Wood Stove Cooking: Learn how to use the stove safely, manage the fire and air drafts, and how to cook on the range top and in the oven and other tips and tricks. Help cook up 2-3 seasonal dishes using historic recipes. Sit down and enjoy a meal when the cooking is done. This class is offered at 10am  on February 23, March 23. Check back or contact me for future dates or to schedule a private class.

Pie Baking: An introduction to making pie, you really don’t have to be afraid! Practice makes perfect! Learn how to mix, roll and bake a pie…such as custard, buttermilk, chess or a seasonal variety. Everyone will get a taste of pie! This class is offered at 10am on Feb 16, March 16.  Check back or contact me for future dates or to schedule a private class

Down on the farm: Unplug, slow down and experience farm life. Take a slow and easy tour of the farm and house. Pull up a chair to the wood stove and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and truly relax. There will be a pot of soup on the back burner and we will bake some biscuits or cornbread for lunch with something tasty for dessert too. This is an uncomplicated, open-ended time to fill or perhaps to relish in its simple slowness. Read a book, shell some beans, play some music, do some scrap art, day dream, maybe let go and maybe connect. Talk to me if there is something in particular you would like. This is class is offered at 11am on March 2, March 30. Check back or contact me for future dates or to schedule a private class.

What to expect

Cost is $50 per person, cash or check
Classes are 2 to 3 hours
Class size is 4-6 people. Class will be cancelled if a minimum of 4 are not signed up.
Dress for the weather and the work.
Children are welcome as students if they are least 10 years old.
There will be time to tour the farm and house.
Private/Customized classes can be scheduled