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Blackbelly Barbados Sheep and Hops

December 7th, 2015 by Susan Odom

The summers of 2014 and 2015 I had some interesting, unique and four legged, guests here at Hillside Homestead, Blackbelly Barbados Sheep. They ‘summered’ here along with the human guests, of course the sheep stayed outside. Hillside Homestead, located in Suttons Bay, Michigan, is a historic farm stay that creates a slice of farm life circa 1910.

The sheep proved very popular with my guests.

The sheep proved very popular with my guests.

Folks come here to reconnect with the past through farming and food, they experience the farm by spending the night B&B style, taking classes, attending farm dinners, field trips, free public events, etc. The sheep were here because I had the good fortune to be part of USDA grant project. I was just a small part of the project but I enjoyed the work and the chance to learn something new.

The senior partners in this grant project are Amy and Brian Tennis of New Mission Organics and the Michigan Hop Alliance both located in Omena, Michigan and Heather and Chad Jordan of Delight of Life Farm also in Suttons Bay. I meet these folks when we were all members of the New Farmers Program (began 2009) sponsored by Northwest Michigan Horticulture Research Center and Michigan State University Extension.

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