Where I respond to advertising from 1909

A friend recently gave me a copy of an old magazine called “Table Talk” the Dec 1909 edition. I have read through it a bit an found all the sorts of things I am used to in these women’s magazines from 100 years ago. I keep it with my cook books in the kitchen. I was glancing at it the other day and noticed the advertisement on the back page.

I was drawn in by the picture in the ad and the words ‘baked beans’. I make baked beans. So I start reading the ad to see what they have to say about that lovely side dish. Lea & Perrins sauce, Worcestershire sauce that is what it said. It suggested adding that sauce to your beans. I paused and said out loud, to myself, “Hmmm that could be good, I should try that. Do I have any?” So I go to the kitchen cupboard and find no Lea & Perrins sauce, so I write it on my shopping list. And I have since purchased a bottle.

Then I explain the whole story to Maggie, who works with me and how excited I am to try the sauce on the beans next time. Later that day I realize that I have responded to an advertisement from 104 years ago. I should send this to the Lea & Perrins Company. It must be a really good ad or perhaps I just susceptible to century old advertisements!

Lea and Perrins sauce

an ad for Lea and Perrins Sauce from Dec 1909 from the magazine “Table Talk”

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  1. Pretty amazing! Those folks knew their stuff, even then. Just an f.y.i. I have had this recipe tucked away for a while and keep meaning to try it… quite exotic, but I think it will be quite yummy. You have inspired me! http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Worcestershire-Sauce