Direct Descendants are coming for Dinner

Something really exciting is happening! A very special group of people is coming for dinner tonight. They are the sons and family of a woman who grew up in this house. Their grandfather, Joe Reicha, built this house. They are a direct connection to things that happened here, things that were farmed here, things that were eaten here! I can’t wait to hear some good stories and share some good food with them.

These fine folks also helped me with hog butchering, well they did all the hard work of butchering! They are old school farmers, growing cherries and apples and other tree fruits, but they also do a little of everything, including a little butchering in season. They give me gifts of pork fat, apples and venison! I’m able to buy straw and honey from them. I feel lucky to know them. I hope to learn all kinds of amazing things!

The dinner I am serving them features some of all the meat preservation experiments that I did. We will be finishing the pork chops stored in lard. I also opened up the pork barrel for them and extracted a ham,  that is soaking overnight to be baked tomorrow. We will have some of the bacon I salt cured and some of the fat back will be used in the pork and beans. I’m so excited!

Dinner Menu Hillside Homestead

The menu for my very special guest, direct descendants of Joe Reicha, the man who built my house

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  1. I pinned you for Network Traverse City, Michigan 🙂 Love the menu!!

  2. DE_BE says:

    What a feast! Trust your evening was delicious in every way. Take care, Dorothy

  3. Meg says:

    What an amazing gift to share work and food with people who are so connected to the past you think about each day. I know you will cherish the time and store up all sorts of wonderful bits of information to share and enrich the experience of so many more guests.

  4. Kathleen says:

    This is so exciting! Have a wonderful time – and the menu sounds great no matter who is coming for dinner.